A wedding band can make or break your big day. How you can be sure you’re hiring the right one for your wedding? Here are four tips to find the perfect wedding band for your special day.

Start planning early

Good wedding bands get booked a year in advance. If you planned your wedding on a Saturday in spring or in summer, you’re competing with hundreds of other engaged couples. The odds of you wanting a wedding band at the same day another couple wants are high. As soon as you picked a wedding date, start counting bands.

Know your budget

Hopefully you have an idea of what your budget is and how much you can afford for a wedding band. Keep your budget in mind during the planning process, but also be willing to shift. You don’t want to regret you hired the wrong band, just because their price was right. 

Get your values in line

Get your values in line before you start searching for the right wedding band. What does the dance floor look like? How loud is the band? What is the lighting like? By visualizing, it becomes more clear what kind of band you want at your wedding day.

Make up a list of bands to consider

Call some friends whose wedding’s you visited and ask what their experience with their wedding band is. Or take a look at the list of our artist booking agency.

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