There are a lot of business opportunities in the Netherlands for foreigners. The ‘set up your Dutch company’ business is there to help you with everything you need. They provide information about the different opportunities the Netherlands has to offer you and also are able to assist you in building a company in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have great specialists, an outstanding infrastructure and offers a lot of possibilities for setting up your own company.


Business in the Netherlands

For example, the Dutch chamber of Commerce or in Dutch “Kamer van Koophandel’(kvk) is an institution who allows you to open your business in a short amount of time and providing suitable resources and lots of information for new business owners. They accept four types of business structures;

– a one-person business, in Dutch “eenmanszaak”

– a partnerschip,           in Dutch  ”vennootschap onder firma”

– a limited partnership, in Dutch   “commanditaire vennootschap”

– a private company, in Dutch     “besloten vennootschap”

Also the Dutch tax is very attractive for new business owners. Because of some changes, the last few years, new business owners don’t need so much capital for starting their business as they did before. So if you think of starting a business in Europe, certainly consider a business in the Netherlands; starting a business is very easy and in a short amount of time ready to go, and you can easily take advantage of the lower capital required these days

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